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Wedding Packages

The Cameron Estate Inn offers several all-inclusive wedding reception packages starting at $58 per person. Our packages include tables, chairs, linens, silverware, china and glasses, cocktail hour, dinner and time for dancing; all this included in the per-person package price.

In the Lancaster area wedding packages vary by type of venue you choose. Lancaster County Pa. has many venues offering a site-fee only package costing you upward to $75 per person to step on the property. These site-only venues will requires you to find a caterer for additional costs and secure the tables, chairs, linens and table settings ending up costing you well over $100 per person.

Another type of package in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area requires you to purchase a bundle package requiring you to pay for a bar package you may not want.

So consider choosing a venue where you choose an inclusive package suiting your budget and needs.

Understanding the way packages are priced up front will help you narrow your search early and save you time and wasted effort. Consider the following when thinking about what is important to you:

The cost of a wedding is usually a consideration for most couples. Understanding this going into the process of planning a wedding will allow you to choose a venue offering an all-inclusive package at a reasonable price.

Key Questions to ask when selecting a venue’s package are:

  •     Is there a site fee? – At the Cameron Estate Inn there is No site fee. The wedding reception packages are based only on the catering package selected by the bride.
  •     Can you separate the liquor packages from the wedding package? – The Cameron Estate Inn offers separate liquor packages to add to your wedding reception package. We accommodate many brides who prefer customize the liquor offerings or choose not to offer liquor at the event.
  •     Can a wedding ceremony be accommodated at the venue? – The option of an on-site wedding ceremony package is available at the Cameron Estate Inn. Not only can you hold your ceremony outside, but we offer a back-up indoor ceremony location to protect your guest from inclement weather.
  •     Do you only hold one wedding per day? – The Cameron Estate Inn holds one wedding per reception location per day which ensures ample time for pictures on the extensive grounds adjacent to the reception location and host an uninterrupted outdoor cocktail hour prior to your dinner and dancing.
  •     Is there an extra charge for linens? – Unlike other venue packages, The Cameron Estate Inn includes linens in the catering fee so there is no extra charge for our standard linens.
  •     Is there an extra charge for china and glassware? – Unlike other venue packages who charge you for every plate, glass and piece of flatware, the Cameron Estate Inn includes all the china, glassware and flatware needed for you reception in the catering fee even for your cake. There is no extra.
  •     Is the service fee extra? – As with all venues the service fee is added to your final bill. We charge a standard 20% and unlike other venues that conceal the amount is a one-price-for-all or a venue that fudges the amount with a charge for labor based on who-knows-what.
  •     Does the venue have a back-up ceremony location for inclement weather? – The Cameron Estate Inn allows the bride to use the Conservatory as their primary ceremony location or as a back-up to any of the ceremony sites at no charge .
  •     Is there a charge for parking? – There is no fee for parking at the Cameron Estate Inn. We can accommodate well over 200 cars, though many brides use shuttles from local hotels and most guests come 2 to 3 to a car so any number of guess will find ample parking.

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